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Direct Marketing Solutions

Don’t create a generic advertisement for your company that tries to communicate with everyone. Make one that stands out.

When marketing your business, practice, or self you need to connect with the right audience with the right media source and communicate the right message. Using  our direct marketing solutions we will help you pin point your targeted customers and create the best marketing campaigns based on them. This process starts from identifying the market you wish to communicate, whether they are existing or prospective customers/clients. Next, you need to identify the needs of your audience and how you are going to resolve their concerns Health4life.net and needs. Your message isn’t just what you think about yourself but how you can help and relate to the audience (see through their eyes).  After constructing the message to be delivered to the desired market  you can now pick the best media to get your message out. Today there are several sources of media to get your message delivered such as: direct mail, internet, billboards, print materials, and so on.

At TEKS Services we specialize in the print and direct mail industry. Thus, our direct marketing solutions are tailored to hands-on forms of media. We will help you develop the right message, connect to the right market through direct mail lists, and get your message delivered through different sources of printed materials and direct mail. We also provide variable data printing to make your print materials more personal and eye-catching.

TEKS Services provides the following services to communicate to existing and prospective customers, clients or patients.

Marketing Materials
• Business Cards and Referral Cards
• Brochures and Flyers
• Stickers and Magnets
• Stationary and Folders
• Banners and Yard Signs
• Notepads
• Thank You Cards

Direct Mail Products
• Postcards and Flyers
• Announcements  and Invitations
• Newsletters
• Variable Data Printing
• “New Move In” Cards
• Fulfillment

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