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Tabbing Rules

The Post Office has announced that the tabbing rules will be changed starting in January of 2013.  The new rules will effect the paper size and weight as well as the number of tabs that will need to be applied to each piece. In addition pieces will have to be folded properly (with the final fold on the bottom of the piece) to qualify for machinable rates. More details will follow as we get them.


Website coming soon

This site is coming soon. Currently under construction


Wedding Announcements

We can help you create a 100% customized announcement just for your wedding. Not only will we help you by handing the printing of your announcement's but we can also do all of the mail preparation for you. When you let us mail for you you can save money on the postage. So not only will you not have to worry about getting your announcements mailed we will also save you money in the process!


Full Service Barcode

The Post Office has announced that the new barcode will be required on all mail starting January 2013.